Storing Disposable Gloves - Protech Safety Supply

Storing Disposable Gloves

Posted on : 06/15/21 Posted by :

Disposable gloves are used to protect employees from contamination and hazardous situations. The life of a disposable glove is around five years from the date of manufacturing. Poor storage of gloves can deplete the life of gloves. Proper storage of gloves contributes to the integrity of gloves and also helps the gloves to give more […]

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Sterile vs Non-Sterile Gloves

Sterile vs. Non-Sterile Gloves

Posted on : 06/12/21 Posted by :

Doctors use medical examination gloves, nurses, dentists, caregivers, and health workers to keep themselves safe from contaminations and harmful bacteria. The material used for gloves is latex, vinyl, or nitrile, and the glove should be chosen based on the risk of the job. Latex or nitrile gloves are commonly used in situations that involve high […]

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Why Use Different Colored Gloves In The Workplace

Why Use Different Coloured Gloves In The Workplace?

Posted on : 06/11/21 Posted by :

When coming to the usage of gloves, Nitrile gloves are primarily used and available in a wide range of colours. In most industries, white gloves are preferred by professionals because it is easy to spot any contamination. The colour of the glove depends on the material added while manufacturing, and these gloves react differently to […]

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Thin Vs Thick Gloves - Protech Safety Supply

Thin Vs. Thick Gloves

Posted on : 06/11/21 Posted by :

In any industry, workers need to have the best hand protection, and it is hard to tell which type of glove is the best fit for their hands. Most workers rely on their hands to do work, so selecting the best glove is crucial. Gloves come in various thicknesses, and the major misconception is that […]

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What Are The Different Types Of PPE - Protech Safety Supply

What Are The Different Types Of PPE?

Posted on : 05/29/21 Posted by :

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an essential component to maintain the safety of the workplace. Without wearing proper protection equipment, the workers can be exposed to hazardous working conditions or chemicals that might cause severe damage to workers. To maintain the proper safety conditions in the workplace, safety practices must be followed in on-site and […]

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Types Of Gloves Thickness - Protech Safety Supply

Types Of Gloves Thickness?

Posted on : 05/29/21 Posted by :

In this pandemic, situation gloves have played a major role in protecting people from Corona Virus and other dangerous bacteria and hazardous chemicals. Nitrile gloves are gaining popularity as they have more benefits than Latex gloves do not process. Nitrile gloves are more flexible, free from allergies and dexterity. The versatile usage property of Nitrile […]

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How Many Types Of Hand Gloves- Protech Safety Supply

How Many Types Of Hand Gloves?

Posted on : 05/28/21 Posted by :

Gloves form the vital component of PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) and are also the main defence for workers protecting themselves from injuries and other serious health risks. The rise of Coronavirus has increased the demand for gloves and PPE equipment, which in turn lead to the scarcity of gloves. The best glove used for your facility […]

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What Do Nitrile Gloves Protect Against - Protech Safety Supply

What Do Nitrile Gloves Protect Against?

Posted on : 05/25/21 Posted by :

Choosing the right glove for your workplace is essential to be safe from hazardous chemicals and work situations. Several options are available in gloves with features that protect against a range of dangerous chemicals, be puncture-resistant, and are made with robust technology. Nitrile gloves are among the popular gloves used in many industries and are […]

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Importance Of Hand Sanitizer In Workplaces - protech safety supply

Importance Of Hand Sanitizer In Workplaces

Posted on : 04/16/21 Posted by :

Germs are present everywhere and can make anyone sick during daily touch activities like touching or handshaking, or exchanging items. It is necessary to keep hands free from germs or bacteria by cleaning them regularly with soap or alcohol-based sanitizers. There are essential differences between soap water and sanitizer. Soap-based water cleaning helps remove the […]

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What Does An N95 Mask Protect Against

What Does An N95 Mask Protect Against?

Posted on : 04/16/21 Posted by :

In this pandemic situation of the Covid-19 virus, it is essential to keep yourself protected from the novel coronavirus. The vaccines are taking place in the country. It is essential to keep your masks. Even though you have received your vaccine dose, the officials say that you should not take your mask off. All the […]

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