Industrial vs. Medical Nitrile Gloves - Protech Safety Supply

Industrial vs. Medical Nitrile Gloves

Posted on : 04/2/21 Posted by :

Whatever industry that you work it is essential to select suitable gloves for protection. Based on your work, you might be facing various hazardous chemicals, pollutants, or other contaminations. To give you the ultimate protection, a wide range of gloves are available and in that Industrial and medical gloves are the most important ones used. […]

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Do I Still Need To Wear A Mask

Do I Still Need To Wear A Mask?

Posted on : 03/22/21 Posted by :

Finally, the Vaccine for Corona Virus has arrived, and many people are getting vaccinated. As many people are getting vaccinated, the general doubt is that when will we get back to normal life, and do I still need to wear a mask after taking the vaccine? Health experts suggest that even if the vaccine has […]

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What Are Black Nitrile Gloves Used For - Protech Safety Supply

What Are Black Nitrile Gloves Used For?

Posted on : 03/16/21 Posted by :

In this pandemic situation, gloves are mainly used for protection against chemicals, viruses, and pathogens. Gloves are mostly used in the medical field, where it is essential to be safe from contamination of the dangerous environment in the labs and hospitals. For many years Nitrile gloves have been found to give maximum protection against all […]

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Difference Between The N95 And KN95 Masks

Difference Between The N95 And KN95 Masks?

Posted on : 03/16/21 Posted by :

During the Corona Virus pandemic, all people have been used to wear facemasks, but are you sure you are wearing the correct mask to get the maximum protection? With new variants of Corona Virus emerging, it is essential to pick up the suitable mask for yourself and go beyond the cloth masks. Most of the […]

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What Is N95 Mask - Protech Safety Supply

What Is An N95 Mask?

Posted on : 03/16/21 Posted by :

The rise of the Corona Virus across the world has increased the use of facemasks, and many companies also have increased the production of face masks. Government officials are also promoting face mask usage as it is the most effective way of controlling the virus’s spread. While there are many types of masks available, the […]

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How to Remove Medical Gloves - Protech Safety Supply

How to Remove Medical Gloves?

Posted on : 02/16/21 Posted by :

There are different gloves available according to the situation. Disposable gloves serve as a barrier between your skin and external threats like chemicals or infections. Disposable medical gloves are either Nitrile or Latex and to maintain hygiene, you should not have contact with the outside of gloves after use. It is crucial to remove medical […]

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Are Nitrile Gloves Anti-static - Protech Safety Supply

Are Nitrile Gloves Anti-Static?

Posted on : 02/16/21 Posted by :

Workers wear Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) and gloves to protect themselves from contamination and also minimize the risk of injuries. There are some situations where gloves can build-up static electricity and could become a hazard for both workers and equipment. Sensitive electronic equipment can also be damaged due to static electricity. There is a need for […]

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Powdered vs. Powder-Free Gloves - Protech Safety Supply

Powdered vs. Powder-Free Gloves

Posted on : 02/16/21 Posted by :

Medical practitioners and caregivers use gloves to minimize cross-contamination with the patients. Medical gloves also protect against dangerous viruses, bacteria, and chemicals used in laboratories. There are a number of gloves available for usage, but one should choose the best gloves that give maximum protection. How To Choose? In the present market, there are many […]

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Are Nitrile Gloves Latex Free? - Protech Safety Supply

Are Nitrile Gloves Latex Free?

Posted on : 02/5/21 Posted by :

When selecting gloves for your professional or commercial use, there are several choices, and you face many challenges before choosing the right one. People working in the medical field have to choose the best one as they have to put on the gloves for a longer time. Nitrile gloves are also gaining popularity in the […]

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Nitrile vs Vinyl vs Latex Gloves

Nitrile vs. Vinyl vs. Latex Gloves

Posted on : 12/19/20 Posted by :

Disposable gloves have become an essential part of the health care industry as they protect patients, doctors, and health care providers from dangerous microbes like COVID-19. The gloves also help in setting up a hygiene practice in hospitals and houses. Even though all the gloves look the same, gloves are made from different materials suited […]

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