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What are Vinyl Gloves?

Posted on : 12/14/20 Posted by :

Disposable gloves are essential in the health care environment and protect healthcare providers and patients from exposure to potentially dangerous microbes. Disposable gloves are used mostly in medical, food service, chemical, automotive, and photochemistry, and it is essential to choose the right glove while working. Vinyl gloves are the most used and are also economical. […]

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What are Nitrile Gloves - Protech Safety Supply

What Are Nitrile Gloves?

Posted on : 12/14/20 Posted by :

Professionals of the medical field, automobile field, food processing, or body art need disposable gloves, used only for one time. Even though Latex is used for making disposable gloves, Nitrile is now becoming the main choice for making single-use gloves. The reason for using Nitrile is that it does not cause allergic reactions like Latex […]

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Your Sanitizer Questions Answered

Posted on : 10/1/20 Posted by :

We’ve been getting a ton of questions about hand sanitizer lately and we thought we’d share everything that we can to help you make informed decisions about your hand hygiene.

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Coping with Corona: From a Psychological Point of View

Posted on : 10/1/20 Posted by :

By Pilar Tucker, Mental Health Practitioner and Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate The COVID-19, now a pandemic, is not just a health crisis, it’s a global crisis, an economic crisis, and a mental health crisis.

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Should You Use Antibacterial Soap?

Posted on : 09/18/20 Posted by :

Hand washing has become a big topic lately. And with that there’s been a renewed interest in antibacterial soap as an option to eliminate germs. But does antibacterial soap actually help you to keep your hands cleaner?

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