Can I Use Hand Sanitizer On My Gloves

Can I Use Hand Sanitizer On My Gloves?

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In the context of the Covid pandemic, there is a need for frequent sanitization of hands, particularly for medical professionals working in hazardous situations. As advised by WHO, sanitizers are to be used frequently to avoid potential risks from bacteria and viruses. Along with using sanitizers, hand gloves are also used for better protection from harmful pathogens. Wearing gloves has become so important that scarcity of gloves has become a big problem for professionals who cannot afford to change gloves after checking each patient. Since wearing gloves and using sanitizers is suggested, many people doubt whether they can be used on gloves? Read on to know if one can use hand sanitizer on gloves for better protection.

Effects Of Hand Sanitizer On Gloves

Alcohol-based sanitizers are the best for killing germs on the skin. Though sanitizers do not affect the protection capability of gloves, it is recommended to replace the gloves if punctures or tears are formed on gloves. Repeated exposure of gloves to sanitizers can make gloves sticky increase the porosity, and there is also a chance that the pathogens remain on the gloves.

How To Disinfect Disposable Gloves?

Here are some of the possible ways of disinfecting disposable gloves

1. Disinfection With Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer (ABHS)

If you intend to use alcohol-based sanitizers for the disinfection of gloves, you need to know that not all gloves can withstand the power of alcohol sanitizers. Only high-quality nitrile or latex gloves are disinfected with alcohol-based sanitizers that too only 5-6 times.

2. Disinfection With Soap And Water

If alcohol sanitizers are not available, then soap and water can be used as an alternative for washing and disinfecting gloves. Quality nitrile or latex gloves can be washed up to 10 times with soap, but this method is not suitable for short-cuffed disposable gloves.

3. Disinfection With Diluted Bleach Solution

Some specific brands of Nitrile gloves do not show permeation when washed in 10-13% diluted bleach solution. After cleaning in a bleach solution, check for any damages or remains of bleach that can damage your skin. It is recommended to rinse in water after cleaning in a bleach solution, and the process can be repeated about ten times or until the gloves are damaged.

When Not To Use Hand Sanitizer On Gloves?

As per the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), there are some situations where hand sanitizers are not be used on hand gloves.

  • The situation of extreme gloves shortage or a steep increase in patients
  • The gloves used are non-disposable and are to be reused by washing. For gloves made of rubber, manufacturer recommendations are to be followed for washing and reusing.


As per the results done by various experiments done by scientists, it can be concluded that there is no reduction in the properties of nitrile gloves when hand sanitizers are used times repetitively. Single-use Nitrile gloves can be used frequently after repetitive hand sanitizer usage. If you are looking for Nitrile or disposable gloves, you need to talk to a professional gloves supplier. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of Nitrile gloves all over Canada. Contact us for more details.

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