Cloth Masks Are Not Enough To Protect Against Omicron

Cloth Masks Are Not Enough To Protect Against Omicron

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As Canada is facing the risk of Omicron and another wave of COVID-19, it is time that people upgrade their masks. Most people are using fashionable cloth masks, but it is time to discard the old cloth masks and put on high-grade masks that help keep them safe from the dangerous Coronavirus. Experts say that the single-layered cloth masks do not protect from the spreading Omicron variant. Read on to know why cloth masks are not enough to protect against the Omicron variant and which masks should be used for maximum protection.

Change In Guidelines

During the first days of the pandemic, the general public was restricted from using N95 masks due to the shortage of medical professionals. But now, the production of N95 masks has increased, allowing the general public to use these masks for maximum protection against Omicron and other Covid variants. Most countries have now switched from the standard of a mask to a medical-grade surgical mask.

In the earlier days of COVID, cloth masks were encouraged to filter large droplets and have 75% of inward and outward leakages. With the new variants coming out, it is time to promote higher-quality masks everywhere, and single-layered masks are not enough to cut the spread of the Omicron variant.

Cloth Masks Not Effective Against Omicron

It is a well-known fact that face masks can block the inhale of the virus into your body and prevent the virus from spreading. But cloth masks made of cotton cannot protect you from the virus and other inhaling particles that are harmful to your health. The new variant is spreading fast due to less effective cloth masks. To give yourself the best protection against the Omicron variant, it is recommended to upgrade to high-filtration masks that fit closely to your face.

Which Mask Is The Best?

The general fact is that a surgical mask is the most effective, but KN95 or N95 masks provide the best filtration but have less comfort. Cloth masks might be comfortable but do not protect from the virus. N95 masks are made specially to filter all the particles from the air, and the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) approved that these masks provide maximum protection.


As the Omicron variant spreads fast, people must become conscious and wear masks for better protection. Using cloth masks should be avoided, and all people should upgrade to high-grade masks with proper fitting. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of high-quality N95 and medical-surgical masks. If you need masks in bulk, then contact us for more information.

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