Do Alcohol Hand Sanitizers Expire

Do Alcohol Hand Sanitizers Expire?

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Hand sanitizer has become one of the essential parts of a personal medical kit and helps decrease the spread of the Corona Virus. The center for disease control and prevention recommends that people who have been fully vaccinated should continue the usage of sanitizer. Like other medical products, sanitizers are also regulated by the FDA and must have an expiration date and lot number. The expiration date of any sanitizer indicates the amount of time the sanitizer’s ingredients are stable and effective. As everyone knows, sanitizers have a small amount of alcohol present in them, and it is time to know if these hand sanitizers expire or not.

Active Ingredients In Hand Sanitizer

The active ingredients in most hand sanitizers are ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. It is known that sanitizers are available in gel and foam form and have a minimum of 60 percent alcohol. The effectiveness of hand sanitizers increases with the increase in alcohol percentage.

Storage Effects The Expiration Of Sanitizer

The expiration date of the sanitizer is just an estimate, and all sanitizers are stored in different conditions. The effectiveness of any sanitizer increases when they are stored in perfect conditions. Alcohol used in sanitizers can evaporate fast, thus making the product ineffective. In general, the experts recommend storing hand sanitizer at a temperature of 45 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and always out of reach and sight of children.

How Can You Tell That Sanitizer Has Expired?

As per the FDA rules, alcohol hand sanitizers should expire, and if the expiration date is not available, it is not that easy to tell if a particular sanitizer has expired. The alcohol loses its natural aroma as the sanitizers undergo a denaturation process. The denatured alcohol tastes very bad, and determining the alcohol content is necessary to know if sanitizer has expired or not. To determine if the sanitizer has expired, you have to check the viscosity of the solution. If the sanitizer looks pretty thick and gloopy or takes time to dry, then it is recommended to replace your sanitizer.

Why Is There An Expiration?

The FDA regulates all medical products. As per the rule, all products need to have an expiration date. All the manufacturers of sanitizers need to print the expiration date on the bottle, and as per most companies, every sanitizer has three years expiry date.


Even though soaps are available for washing hands, doctors recommend using alcohol-based sanitizer to reduce the number of bacteria and pathogens on your hand. As per the CDC, the alcohol percentage should not be more than 60 in sanitizers. Proper storage of alcohol-based sanitizers is recommended as they are more volatile and their effectiveness decreases. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of alcohol-based sanitizers all over Canada. Contact us for more details.

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