Do I still need to wear a mask

Do I Still Need To Wear A Mask?

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Finally, the Vaccine for Corona Virus has arrived, and many people are getting vaccinated. As many people are getting vaccinated, the general doubt is that when will we get back to normal life, and do I still need to wear a mask after taking the vaccine? Health experts suggest that even if the vaccine has arrived, basic precautions like wearing a mask and physical distancing are necessary for everyone. Now you may be wondering why the precautions have to be taken when the vaccine is developed. Read on to know the importance of wearing a mask.

Why Continue Precautions After Vaccinated?

Even if the vaccine is injected, it will take some time to show its effectiveness. The New England Journal of Medicine study concluded that the vaccine is only 52% effective if no protection was used for 12 days after the vaccine’s first shot.

Can The Virus Spread From Vaccinated Person?

As per most public health experts, the virus can be spread by a person who has been vaccinated. Before approving the vaccines, FDA asked the manufacturers whether the products just protect persons from symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. The vaccine’s main motto is to protect people from getting severely ill from the virus’s symptoms.

How Can The Virus Spread From Vaccinated Person?

After getting vaccinated, a person is less likely to develop the Corona Virus symptoms, despite being infected by the virus. The immune system cannot clear off the virus. Some viruses still develop and reproduce in the nose or mouth and can be expelled outside when they sneeze or cough. Please note that no scientist is sure that the person can emit a virus even after vaccination.

Should We Wear Mask Forever?

It is estimated that about 70% of the whole population must be vaccinated to stop the spread of this dangerous virus. It will take some time to produce the required doses of vaccines and distributed them to all people. There would be a point where most people have developed immunity due to vaccination, and the virus would not spread any more.

For the time being, every person should be wearing a mask to protect themselves and others also. The mask still protects you even if the vaccine is not 100% effective.

Reasons For Wearing Mask Even After Vaccinated

Medical experts explain some of the reasons to wear a mask even after vaccination.

  1. The vaccine will not reach 95% effectiveness until two weeks after the second dose of the vaccine. Even if you develop immunity after the first dose, you need to be careful
  2. The vaccines provide protection only to 95% of people, and there is no way to find out who will not respond to the vaccine.
  3. Vaccinated people might be asymptomatic spreaders. The vaccines can prevent illness, but more research should be done to prevent the virus’s transmission.
  4. People with compromised immunity might be in danger as they are not vaccinated. So these people must use a mask to protect themselves from the virus.
  5. There are still a limited number of doses available in the World. Experts say that the vaccination should be done to 70% of the population to minimize the virus’s spread. It could take us until the end of 2021 to get that many people vaccinated.

Vaccine Is Not Automatic Switch off for the Pandemic

Most people thought that vaccine is much needed to keep an end to the pandemic situation. Even if we are on the right track of vaccination, we still have to wear a mask, maintain social distance, and wash our hands thoroughly with soap to stop the spread of the Covid virus.

Where To Buy Masks?

Even though the vaccine is developed for Corona Virus, it is essential to be cautious by wearing a mask and maintain social distance. You need to use the correct mask to keep yourself safe in this pandemic. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of protective equipment all over Canada. Contact us for a free quote.

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