How Long Can You Wear A Disposable Mask For

How Long Can You Wear A Disposable Mask For?

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In this pandemic situation, wearing masks, washing hands with sanitizers, and maintaining social distance is very important to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. Disposable masks have been an effective and protective barrier to saving against splashes, droplets, and splatter excreted from Coronavirus effected wearer’s mouth or nose. Some people might be thinking of reusing the masks by disinfecting them. Read on the article to know for how long can you wear a disposable mask for maximum protection.

Masks For General Public

N95 and medical masks are not meant for the general public and are reserved for health workers. The general public using reusable masks, then CDC recommends washing them in a load of laundry or a bleach solution after each wear. The reusable masks should not be used if damaged as they prevent covering the nose and mouth.

Quick Reminder Of How To Wear Mask

  • Wash hands before wearing a mask
  • Make sure that the mask covers your nose and mouse
  • Always make sure that mask is secure beneath the chin
  • Try to limit touching mask while moving in public
  • After returning home place the mask in a washing machine or cleaning solution

Different Types Of Masks

With a wide range of masks available for usage, there has always been a significant variation in the different face masks’ quality, performance, and convenience. Not all masks act as perfect protectors against Coronavirus. Here are some of the different types of common maks used

  • Cloth masks
  • Surgical masks
  • N95 masks

How Long Can You Wear A Disposable Or N95 Mask?

Extended use of the N95 mask often refers to situations where the health care professionals have been wearing the mask for a long duration with close contact with many patients. Many of the health care professionals are working in isolation conditions of interacting with Coronavirus-affected patients. Extended use is also generally preferred over reuse because it involves less touching of the respirator — the more you touch your N95 mask or face, the higher your risk of transmission becomes.

When To Discard Disposable Mask?

Here are some of the situations where you should discard a disposable mask

  • The aerosol-generating process is performed on a patient
  • Interaction with a patient infected with diseases
  • The respirator has been infected by bodily fluids or respiratory droplets of the patient.
  • Your respiratory is not functioning properly.


Face masks have become an integral part of people’s lives, and it has become a general routine to wear or carry masks to keep protected from dangerous Coronavirus. Disposable masks are used for one time, and these masks can rarely be sterilized. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of disposable gloves and masks all over Canada and North America. Contact us for more details.

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