How To Choose The Right Exam Glove

How To Choose The Right Exam Glove?

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With the increase in awareness of hygiene among the public, masks and medical exam gloves have increased. Exam gloves mainly were used by doctors, nurses, and health care professionals, but nowadays, non-healthcare professionals are also using these gloves in day-to-day activities. Surgical and exam gloves are the two types of disposable medical gloves available and are made of different materials. Choosing the right glove is essential. Read on to know how to choose the right exam glove for medical usage.

Materials Used For Making Exam Gloves

  • Nitrile
  • Vinyl
  • Latex

Choosing The Right Exam Glove

It is important to choose the right exam glove is while performing tasks or works in any industry. Many factors are needed to be taken into account while choosing a medical exam glove for any duty.

1. Resilience And Strength

Whatever the condition in which the exam glove is used, it should not tear or split. Nitrile or latex gloves are tougher than vinyl gloves. Thicker gloves offer more resilience, although this leads to loss of sensitivity or feeling.

2. Grip Of Glove

Medical gloves are used when there is a need to work with more tools or instruments or move small objects. Gloves used for medical purposes need to have the gripping ability because holding and moving patients is also needed. Latex gloves offer superior grip, and at the same time, Nitrile gloves offer less grip but have textured surfaces to increase grip.

3. Resistance To Chemicals

It is rare for medical professionals to work with hazardous chemicals. It is also a fact that medical gloves are not manufactured to give protection against chemicals. Nitrile medical gloves offer the best protection against chemicals.

4. Powdered Or Non-Powdered Glove?

Powdered gloves are easy to use and take off after completing the task. The main defect is that powder used for gloves may lead to some allergies. It is recommended to use non-powdered gloves if you have an allergy to Latex or powder used for gloves.

5. Size Of The Glove

It is essential to choose the right glove size that fits perfectly for your hand. The typical way to measure glove size is to wrap a measuring tape around your palm at the widest point. This is typically the point just above the “V” of your thumb. The resulting measurement (using inches) is your size. For example, if the circumference is 8 inches, you are a size 8. It is preferable to use your dominant hand for this measurement.

6. Allergy Risk

Some people have an allergy to latex materials, so it is recommended to use gloves that are made from other materials. Latex allergic people can use gloves made from nitrile or vinyl. Some latex gloves are treated with special chemicals to reduce the allergic reaction while using.

7. Cross-Infection Protection

The primary purpose of wearing gloves is protection from cross-infections. Latex and Nitrile gloves are known to be excellent protectors against most infections. On the other hand, Vinyl gloves are used in less risky medical tasks as they do not provide much protection against infections.

Where To Buy The Best Gloves?

At Protech Safety Supply, we have a wide range of protective gloves that can be used in all types of dangerous chemicals and hazards. It is important to know about the properties of gloves before making a purchase. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of disposable gloves for medical professionals. Contact us for more information.

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