How to Remove Medical Gloves

How to Remove Medical Gloves?

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There are different gloves available according to the situation. Disposable gloves serve as a barrier between your skin and external threats like chemicals or infections. Disposable medical gloves are either Nitrile or Latex and to maintain hygiene, you should not have contact with the outside of gloves after use. It is crucial to remove medical gloves carefully and thoroughly clean your hands to be safe from infections.

The Danger Of Cross-Contamination

When working with chemicals or other hazardous materials, it is essential that the contamination does not reach your skin or on the surface of clean PPE items. A correct procedure is to be followed to remove the safety equipment, including gloves, to avoid the chances of cross-contamination. Getting in touch with chemicals can lead to skin rashes or irritation and cause great distress to any individual.

Step By Step Guide To Remove Medical Gloves

Here are the steps to be followed for removing medical gloves safely and avoid infections

Step 1 :


Grasp one of the gloves with the other hand and peel off the glove from wrist to fingertips. Be sure that the glove is away from your body. While peeling, you have to turn the glove inside-out.

Step 2 :


Hold the removed glove in the other hand and peel off the second glove by inserting your fingers inside from the top of the wrist.

Step 3 :


Turn the second glove inside-out while leaving the first glove inside the second glove.

Step 4 :


step 4 how to remove medical gloves

After removing both the gloves safely, dispose of both the gloves by following safe procedures. Never reuse the gloves.

Step 5 :


After disposing of the gloves, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure your hands are clean before touching any other objects.

In the whole procedure, you must keep the gloves away from your body to minimize exposure.

Don’ts While Using Medical Gloves

  • Do not touch objects like door handles or keyboard, or mouse with contaminated gloves.
  • Don’t touch your face or PPE items with contaminated gloves.
  • Never reuse the disposed of gloves in any situation.

Do’s While Using Medical Gloves

  • Always follow the correct procedure for removing the gloves.
  • Clean your hands with soap and water after removing gloves
  • To dispose of the gloves properly.


Medical gloves offer superior protection for your hands while working in a hazardous environment. It is important that these gloves are removed properly and disposed of to avoid contamination. Protech Safety Supply is a reliable wholesale glove supplier that offers medical gloves with different thicknesses and the best protection. Contact us for a free quote.

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