Importance Of Hand Sanitizer In Workplaces

Importance Of Hand Sanitizer In Workplaces

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Germs are present everywhere and can make anyone sick during daily touch activities like touching or handshaking, or exchanging items. It is necessary to keep hands free from germs or bacteria by cleaning them regularly with soap or alcohol-based sanitizers. There are essential differences between soap water and sanitizer. Soap-based water cleaning helps remove the germs from your hand, but sanitizers kill the germs present on your hands or other surfaces. Now that the offices have opened, every person’s responsibility is hygienic and safe from germs and viruses. Read on to know the importance of hand sanitizer in workplaces.

How Does Sanitizer Work?

Hand sanitizers are specially developed to remove or kill germs and viruses that cannot be removed by soap water. Sanitizers are gel substances made from alcohol, which can be more effective against all viruses. Alcohol can make your skin dry, so sanitizers come with moisturizers in them to make your hand smooth.

What Is The Importance Of Hand Sanitizer In Workplaces?

In the recent research conducted by the Journal of Occupational and Environment Medicine, large amounts of bacteria were found throughout the workplaces. Phones, computers, keyboards, and other office stationery can be home to harmful bacteria and viruses. Soap and water are typically convenient for cleaning hands, but hand sanitizers can be kept at individual desks and used at the employee’s convenience.

How Can Sanitizer Be Effectively Used?

It is essential to use the sanitizer properly to keep yourself safe and get rid of germs and viruses. Ensure to use any alcohol-based sanitizers in these ways

  • Do not use sanitizer when your hands are dirty because sanitizers are not meant to clean your hands. If there is any residue of oil or grease, the sanitizers would not be effective.
  • Always use the right amount of sanitizer, and you need to apply the amount thoroughly to coat every part of your hand.
  • Rub the solution until your hands are dry. You can be sure that the sanitizer is in contact with essential surfaces when it becomes dry.

Key Places To Keep Sanitizers

The best place to remind the employees to use sanitizers is to keep sanitizers in key places and make them easily accessible to all. Some of the important places are

  • Entrances and Exits of the office
  • Cafeteria and food courts
  • Meeting rooms
  • High Traffic areas of office
  • Employee desks

Benefits of Using Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are very useful for everyone working in an office. Some of the important benefits of using hand sanitizers in the office are

  • Stop the spread of germs and viruses
  • Promote good hygiene and health
  • Reduce usage of paper towels and napkins


Using hand sanitizer reduces the microbes and other harmful bacteria or viruses. A healthy workplace is necessary to protect the workers from getting infected with diseases like the flu. It is important to provide the proper sanitizer to workers to provide the right equipment for completing the office work. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of the best quality personal protective equipment and safety products and ensures that all the organizations continue to operate without interruption. Contact us for more information.

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