Industrial vs. Medical Nitrile Gloves

Industrial vs. Medical Nitrile Gloves

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Whatever industry that you work it is essential to select suitable gloves for protection. Based on your work, you might be facing various hazardous chemicals, pollutants, or other contaminations. To give you the ultimate protection, a wide range of gloves are available and in that Industrial and medical gloves are the most important ones used. Read the article to know the main differences between industrial vs. medical nitrile gloves.

What Are Industrial Nitrile Gloves?

Industrial gloves are intended to be used for industrial purposes and are used to complete works and withstand harsh conditions and chemicals. Industrial gloves are mostly made of Nitrile, but Vinyl and latex varieties are also available. The gloves are ideal to complete heavy-duty works, or long food service works.

Medical Nitrile Gloves

Medical Nitrile gloves are intended to be used in hospitals, laboratories, and nursing homes. The gloves are primarily used for general surgical and medical examinations. Medical gloves come in a wide range of sizes, colours with Nitril or Vinyl or Latex materials. Medical gloves should meet the guidelines stipulated by FDA. At the present times, only Nitrile material is used for making gloves as some people are sensitive to Latex material. The produced Nitrile gloves need to be approved by FDA, and recently FDA banned the usage of powdered vinyl gloves due to the risk of patients suffering an allergy to Latex material.

Industrial vs. Medical Nitrile Gloves

1. Differences In Material

The material used for gloves depends on the primary usage of a glove. Until 2016, Latex was the popular choice for both Industrial and Medical gloves. Latex is durable and puncture, chemical, and heat resistant. Due to the allergies developed by some people towards Latex, FDA banned the usage of Latex gloves in the food and medical industry. Now Nitrile is the primary material used for making medical gloves, while industrial gloves are made of Latex.

2. Usage Of Gloves

Disposable gloves used in the medical industry must pass rigorous technical tests conducted and approved by the FDA. After the gloves pass the test, then they are labelled as safe for medical examinations. On the other side, Industrial gloves can also be tested by FDA if they are used in the food industry. The gloves are used for general purposes and can be used in medical as well as non-medical tasks.

3. Powdered Gloves

In 2016, the FDA banned powdered gloves for surgical and medical purposes due to health risks and allergic reactions like asthma. The powder used in the gloves provides lubrication, so powdered gloves are used for industrial purposes. Nitrile gloves used for medical purposes are chlorinated to provide that extra grip and comfort.

Why Work With Medical Gloves?

The FDA has issued strict guidelines on the standards to be followed in the manufacturing of medical gloves. The main things checked for in medical gloves are

  • Gloves should be Puncture and Tear Resistant
  • Provide Best protection against chemicals
  • Withstand the tension created in work

Even though the gloves have not passed the FDA tests, it is safe to use them, but not to be used for Medical and Food purposes.

Why Work With Industrial Glove?

Industrial gloves are made of thick nitrile material and have textured patterns to give that extra grip while your hand is exposed to grease or other slippery substances. The gloves are designed to protect against common chemicals or substances that workers come across in their work.

Choosing the Right Glove According To Profession

Nitrile gloves are best used in medical laboratories where there is a need to protect pathogens and bodily fluids. The gloves need to be puncture-resistant to offer the best protection. On the other way, Nitrile industrial gloves are also used in areas where there is protection needed from hazardous chemicals and substances. You need to choose the right glove based on the purpose they are to be served.


Based on the purpose, you need to select the right glove. No matter what glove you are looking for, we at Protech Safety Supply have everything covered for you, browse our website for the list of gloves available. Contact us for a free estimate.

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