Mask Sizing Chart

Mask Sizing Chart

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In this pandemic season, wearing a mask has become important to protect oneself from dangerous viruses and pathogens. Human faces come in different sizes and shapes, and getting the right mask for yourself is a challenge. However, taking careful measurements is essential while selecting the mask with the correct fit is imperative for perfect filtration. The mask should be a snug fit without gaps for unfiltered air entering your nose to have better protection from viruses. Read on to know about the mask sizing chart available for everyone.

Measuring Your Face

There are five different sizes ranging from XXS to L to accommodate as many face sizes as possible. To find the right fit, it is always recommended to use tape to get exact measurements. For getting the right measurement, start measuring from the bridge of your nose to under the chin. After getting the measurement, choose the right mask from the measurement chart available with the manufacturer of masks.

Getting The Right Mask Sizing

To get the mask’s height, measure from the nose to right down the chin. For getting the width of a mask, measurement is to be taken from left cheekbone to right cheekbone. This measurement rarely affects the wearer and is not always necessary unless you have skinnier or heavier set facial features.

Mask Sizing Chart

Extra Small




Extra Large

Nose to Chin

12.0 cm

13.2 cm

13.6 cm

14.7 cm

15.3 cm

Cheek to Cheek

15.8 cm

17.6 cm

19.7 cm

20.7 cm

23.0 cm

Alternative Methods Of Measurement

While bodyweight is not considered while deciding on the right mask, it is recommended to use a bodyweight indicator if you cannot measure yourself or your family members. Bodyweight and face size can differ hugely between people of all ages, body types, cultures, and genders, and therefore this is by no means a fail-safe way to choose your mask size.

What If Right Mask Is Not Chosen?

Rarely one does not choose the right fitting mask for their face. One should understand it is essential to choose a mask without trying it on is difficult. Buying a mask shouldn’t come with risk during these difficult times. We all deserve a mask that fits right and protects with the right filtration.


Getting the right mask for yourself is important to get self-protected from dangerous viruses and pathogens. If you need surgical or N95 or any mask, you must contact a supplier who provides high-quality products with standards and certificates approved by the FDA. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of the best quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Health & Safety products in Canada. Contact us for more details.

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