N95 Respirator Mask Sizes

N95 Respirator Mask Sizes

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People need to have personal protective equipment to protect themselves from the Covid-19 virus in this pandemic situation. At this time, wearing a mask is most important, and one cannot wander the streets without wearing any mask. There are different types of face masks available in the market, with each of them having its advantages. The N95 mask is the most preferred respiratory mask approved by health authorities in the available varieties of masks. Read on to know the various N95 respirator mask sizes available in the market.

What Is N95 Respirator?

A respirator is an air-purifying and personal protective device designed to protect the wearer from various air-borne particles and viruses. An N95 respirator is at least 95% efficient against viruses or air-borne particles and is also the most commonly used mask in the medical profession. As per National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) approval system, N95 is one of the nine filter classifications, and other types are R and P. The respirator is also given an efficiency rating as 95 or 99 or 100 based on the tests against particles that are most difficult to filter.

Models Of N95 Masks

Like any other mask, the N95 mask comes in various models and sizes. The size of the mask depends on the model and comes in different styles. Here are some of the models available for N95 masks

  • L-188 N95 Mask: The mask’s nose piece is adjustable aluminum with padded foam inside designed to promote comfort to the user. This model mask is also foldable and convenient for transporting.
  • N95-8210 Mask: The most common N95 mask uses advanced electrostatic media technology for protection against germs or viruses.
  • N95-8511 Mask: The breathing value of the mask makes it cool inside.
  • N95-91055 Mask: This mask has a V-shaped fold design that makes it easier for wearing and breathing.

Sizes Of N95 Respirator Mask

N95 respirator comes in three sizes like small, medium, and large. The rubber seal available for the N95 mask determines the size. The rubber seal should be fitted on the person’s face and cover the entire face, including eyes, nose, and mouth. The rubber seal size increases as the face are larger.

Choosing The Proper Size

All the N95 masks are of similar size, and the difference is all about the rubber seal that is mounted. The rubber present in the mask is the one that dictates what size your N95 respirator has. The weight of a person can determine the proper fitting mask.

  • Large N95 masks used for weight between 115 to 140 kgs
  • Medium N95 masks are used for weight between 70 to 115 kgs
  • Small N95 masks are used for weight between 45 to 75 kgs.

However, to ensure proper fitting, it is recommended to use the facial measurement for more accuracy.

Where To Buy N95 Masks?

To have maximum protection against Corona Virus and other air-borne particles, it is necessary to use the proper N95 mask that best fits your face. Protect Safety Supply is the supplier of N95 masks all over Canada and North America. Contact us for more information.

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