New COVID-19 Variant identified in Canada & South Africa

New COVID-19 Variant Identified In Canada & South Africa

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Recently a new variant of Corona Virus has been detected in South Africa in very small numbers, and scientists are now working to know more details of the variant. The scientists have named the variant B.1.1.529, and the scientists are trying to know the potential implications of the virus on the human body. The variant also has some unusual constellation that helps the virus attack the human immune system more effectively and transmits more quickly. Read on to know more about the new COVID-19 variant identified in Canada & South Africa.

How New Virus Spreads?

In recent times, only 200 new confirmed cases of Corona Virus have been confirmed in South Africa. The new variant of Coronavirus is rapidly increasing, with more than 1200 cases on the 24th and 2465 cases on the 25th of November. Scientists monitor for possible changes that could be more transmissible or deadly, but sorting out whether new variants will have a public health impact can take time. The first case was identified in Pretoria and the surrounding metropolitan area with the recent student gatherings in the University. Amid the rise in cases, scientists studied genomic sequencing and discovered the new variant.

The tests and research from scientists declared that the new variant is being rapidly spreading in many provinces of South Africa. The new variant is also found in Hongkong, transmitted by a passenger traveling from South Africa to Hongkong. At present, as many as 90% of Covid cases belong to the new variant named B.1.1.529.

The Scientists at South Africa’s National Institute for Communal Diseases released a statement that although the data about the new variant is very limited, the experts are working to know more about the potential implications that the B.1.1.529 variant virus can cause.

What Is Happening In Canada And South Africa?

South African officials had warned that a new resurgence was expected from mid-December to early January and had hoped to prepare for that by getting many more people vaccinated. The doctors in South Africa have done an incredible job by finding the new variant. About 41 percent of South Africa’s adults have been vaccinated. The number of shots given per day is relatively low, at less than 130,000—significantly below the government’s target of 300,000 per day.

Be Safe And Use Masks and Sanitizers

With the increase in the new Corona variant cases, people have to keep themselves safe from the new COVID-19 variant identified in Canada and South Africa by wearing masks, gloves, and washing hands regularly with good sanitizer. Protech is the supplier of good-quality masks, gloves, and sanitizers to safeguard your health. Contact us for more information.

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