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  • Contains Alcohol Yes
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Isopropyl alcohol (2-propanol), also known as  IPA, is the most common and widely used disinfectant within pharmaceutics, hospitals, clean rooms, and electronics or medical device manufacturing. Different solutions, purity grades, concentrations, and alcohol types yield beneficial cleaning and disinfection properties when applied correctly.

IPA, particularly in solutions between 60% and 90% alcohol with 10 – 40% purified water, is rapidly antimicrobial against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The presence of water is a crucial factor in destroying or inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms with isopropyl alcohol. Water acts as a catalyst and plays a key role in denaturing the proteins of vegetative cell membranes. 70% IPA solutions penetrate the cell wall more completely which permeates the entire cell, coagulates all proteins, and therefore the microorganism dies.

Rexall Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) 70% solution made with high purity alcohol that meets Grade A standard for MIL Spec TT-I-735 and ASTM D770 and deionized water.

Synonyms: 2-Hydroxy propane, Dimethyl carbinol, IPA, Isopropanol, Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, Isopropyl alcohol, Propan-2-ol

Formula: (CH₃)₂CHOH
MW: 60,1 g/mol
Boiling Pt: 82 °C (1013 hPa)
Melting Pt: –89 °C
Density: 0,786 g/cm³ (20 °C)
Flash Pt: 12 °C
MDL Number: MFCD00011674
CAS Number: 67-63-0
UN: 1219
Merck Index: 13,05228