Storing Disposable Gloves

Storing Disposable Gloves

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Disposable gloves are used to protect employees from contamination and hazardous situations. The life of a disposable glove is around five years from the date of manufacturing. Poor storage of gloves can deplete the life of gloves. Proper storage of gloves contributes to the integrity of gloves and also helps the gloves to give more protection to the users. Read the article to know some of the best practices to follow for adequately storing disposable gloves.

What Are Disposable Gloves?

Disposable gloves are made of vinyl, latex, and nitrile materials. Medical professionals mostly use disposable gloves to protect from contaminations and viruses that could spread from patients. The storing of these gloves is also essential as it will help save money and protect from other dangers.

Storage Of Gloves

The life of any disposable glove is about five years from the manufacturing date, and it must be stored appropriately. The location used for storing gloves should be free from moisture, dust, sunlight, and extreme conditions. The ideal storage place should be ventilated and should be dry for accumulating the boxes used for gloves.

Best Practices For Storing Disposable Gloves

The recommended temperature for storing gloves is between 50 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and the temperature also helps maintain the optimal status of gloves. Proper conditions are to be maintained while storing gloves in large quantities. If more gloves are stored at high temperatures, then there is a risk that they could catch fire, especially when the gloves are made of chlorinated latex material. To protect the gloves from catching fire, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature is kept cool.

Follow These Precautions While Storing

  • Always remove shrink wrap from boxes used for storing
  • To facilitate cool airflow among boxes, it is necessary to restack and reconfigure boxes
  • Check the gloves for periodical signs of deterioration
  • Use the gloves on first in first out basis

Some Other Best Practices for Storing

Gloves must be appropriately stored to remain in good condition for the duration of their five-year shelf life. Some of the other best-storing practices to follow

  • Always store gloves away from sunlight or extreme temperatures, which may cause the glove to ruin. Gloves can lose their colour and become brittle when kept in extreme temperatures
  • Always dispose of the glove which is damaged or discoloured. It is recommended not to use the gloves box in which the gloves are discoloured.
  • Store the gloves in dry places to avoid the accumulation of moisture on the surfaces

While storing gloves, it is essential to keep natural rubber gloves or latex gloves away from UV light. Ozone gas in UV light can cause deterioration of gloves, and the ozone gas can emit from furnaces or electric equipment or other devices. If the gloves are deteriorating, then you should check if there is any equipment emitting ozone gas.

Where To Buy Gloves?

Disposable gloves are essential to keep safe from contaminations and other hazards. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of disposable gloves that medical practitioners for protection from contaminations. Contact us for a free quote.

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