What Are The Different Types Of PPE

What Are The Different Types Of PPE?

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an essential component to maintain the safety of the workplace. Without wearing proper protection equipment, the workers can be exposed to hazardous working conditions or chemicals that might cause severe damage to workers. To maintain the proper safety conditions in the workplace, safety practices must be followed in on-site and off-site workplaces. Let us look at the different types of PPE available, why they are essential, and which PPE might be the best.

Elements For Which PPE Give Protection

Any PPE kit is manufactured to give Protection for the following five elements of any human being.

  • Head
  • Feet
  • Eyes
  • Lungs
  • Skin and Body

Different Types Of PPE

There are types of PPE that are meant to protect the head, eye, ear, and body. All types of PPE are important for maintaining safety in the workplace and protecting hazardous elements like sharp objects, chemicals, and gases.

Here Are The Types Of PPE Mostly Used.

1. PPE For Head Protection

Head Protection PPE is meant to protect the workers from head-knocks and nasty collisions. Examples of head protection include helmets, caps, hats, and hoods. Head protection PPE is mostly used in construction and physical work areas.

2. PPE Safety Goggles

If the workplace is filled with dust particles, the workers need to protect their eyes by wearing safety goggles. PPE safety goggles safeguard eyes from debris and also chemicals with which the workers might be working on. Chemicals or debris which enter the eyes can irritate, and there is also a chance that the worker might lose eyesight. The damage that can be caused can be avoided by simply using goggles.

3. High Visibility PPE Clothing

High visible PPE clothing should be used for workers working in hazardous or low-lit environments like construction or road cleaning. When working on roads, the cloth reflects high beam light from vehicles to be visible on roads. Wearing high visibility clothing is the best way to protect yourself from high-speed vehicles on the roads.

4. Respiratory Protection

Respiratory PPE is the last defence equipment to be used and should be used under the assessment of trained professionals. Thus PPE should be used only by employers who believe that the work requires the usage of respiratory equipment. Proper guidance and rules are to be followed by workers for using the respiratory apparatus. If the worker thinks that medical equipment is necessary, then there is a need to submit a medical questionnaire that accesses the hazardous working conditions.

4. Ear Defenders

When the worker is working in construction or drilling work, there is a need to protect the worker from the produced loud sound. High or loud sounds can cause severe damage to bones in the middle ear. It is necessary to use Ear defenders to protect yourself from long-term ear damages.

Where To Buy Personal Protective Equipment?

All types of PPE are essential to protect workers from hazardous chemicals and situations. PPE is manufactured from high-standard and expensive materials. If you need protective equipment, then you need to select the right one based on your usage. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of PPE and gloves, which give maximum Protection. Contact us for a free estimate.

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