What Is N95 Mask

What Is An N95 Mask?

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The rise of the Corona Virus across the world has increased the use of facemasks, and many companies also have increased the production of face masks. Government officials are also promoting face mask usage as it is the most effective way of controlling the virus’s spread. While there are many types of masks available, the N95 protective mask is considered the most effective mask for protection against the virus. Read the article to know more about N95 masks.

What Is An N95 Mask?

Not all the masks are the same, as there are filters attached to some types of masks. N95 masks are generally referred to as filtering facepiece respirators, which provide ultimate protection from the pandemic coronavirus and many other infections.

N95 masks are regulated by the National Institute Of Occupational Safety and Health. The Letter N stands for “Non-oil,” i.e., there are no oily particles present in the mask. The number ’95’ states that the masks have 95% efficiency. Some disposable N95 masks come with an optional valve, which makes breathing more convenient. The material used for masks is non-woven polypropylene fiber, which is electrostatic in nature. The minimum size of the N95 mask is 0.3 microns, and according to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, large droplets would not be able to pass through the mask.

Do N95 Masks Expire?

N95 masks do expire, and the expiry date is always mentioned on the packing. The expiry dates depend on the material used, respiratory type, filter media, and manufacturing date. The usual expiry date of any N95 mask is about 5 years from the date of manufacturing. The storage devices used for storing can also prolong the life of any N95 mask.

How To Store N95 Masks?

Storage is the crucial factor for extending the life of the N95 mask. Here are some of the steps needed to follow for the proper storage of any mask

  • Always Store the mask in the original packing.
  • Keep the respirators away from dust, extreme heat, contaminated areas, chemicals, and excessive moisture.
  • Try to rotate the masks from day today.

Where To Buy N95 Masks?

In this pandemic situation, it is essential to protect yourself by using the N95 masks, which offer the most protection from Corona Virus. Protech Safety Supply is a supplier of protective equipment and masks all over Canada. Contact us for more information.

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