What Mask Should I Wear While Traveling

What Mask Should I Wear While Traveling?

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Covid had a devastating effect on traveling by air. According to market research, the travel industry has seen a drastic drop in 50% of passengers after the virus spread in 2020. However, reports now indicate that the airline industry is bouncing back with passengers going to board airplanes after the spread of the pandemic is restricted. However, as more people return to air travel for the holidays, they may also have many questions about how they can safely, including which type of face masks are best to wear on a plane. Read the article to know what mask type you should wear while traveling.

Types Of Masks To Wear While Travelling

Facemasks are not going anywhere, and while traveling in planes, one should wear a mask as per the guidelines provided. It would help if you kept on the mask while traveling, but you can remove it while eating or drinking. Here are some of the various types of masks to be used while traveling

1. N95 Masks

The double strapped N95 mask is extremely secure in protecting from the dangerous coronavirus. An N95 maks includes foam nose padding, and it helps the breathing easier. While purchasing an N95 mask, one should follow the CDC guidelines and check that it is approved b.y the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

2. Disposable KN95 Mask

A disposable KN95 mask is a great option for people who prefer to wear a disposable mask. KN95 mask has about five layers of bacterial filtering and has an efficiency of about 95%. Each mask has an adjustable nose bridge and soft, stretchy ear loops, so you’ll be able to find a comfortable, customizable fit.

3. Soft Stretch Reusable Mask

The soft stretch mask features two layers of stretchy, odor-resistant fabric made from a blend of polyester and cotton that will remain soft on the skin for all-day wear. The mask also comes with adjustable ear loops that make it more comfortable to use and wear.

4. Colored Face Masks

Staying safe does not mean that you have to wear dull masks. Colorful masks are made by manufacturers and also protect at the same time. Colored N95 and KN95 masks are also prepared, which are also praised by the reviewers for giving more protection.

5. Fabric Mask

Fabric masks are made of cotton, so they have a soft feeling on your skin even after hours of wearing. The mask has a tight weave designed to block respiratory droplets while remaining breathable. The masks have double-layer construction and a filter pocket for extra protection.

6. Travleisure Face Masks

Travleisure face masks are dual-layered face masks specially designed for traveling. The masks are made from a breathable blend of bamboo and spandex. The mask is more comfortable by adding nose wire and soft ear loops. The masks are available in all sizes for adults and children.

7. Medical Face Mask

Medical masks are made from polyester and spandex blend with a comfortable cotton liner that’s soft on the skin. The design is made to fit every face, and the adjustable ear loops add comfort and allow users to find a comfortable fit.


While traveling, it is important to keep yourself protected from Covid and other variants by using a mask that covers both your mouth and nose properly. The mask can be either a surgical mask or N95 mask, or any other mask. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of all types of masks all over Canada. Contact us for more details.

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