When To Use Personal Protective Equipment PPE

When To Use Personal Protective Equipment PPE?

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During this COVID pandemic, CFA has developed some best practices for using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for doctors, pharmacy staff, and other people. Before following the practices, it is recommended that the staff should always refer to the local health authorities for up-to-date policies regarding the use of PPE. All the workers have the right to be protected from this pandemic and infectious disease while performing their duties. During this process, elimination of potential risk and exposure to the potential hazard is given more preference. Read on to know more about when to use personal protective equipment (PPE).

What Is PPE?

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE generally refers to unique clothing or equipment designed to protect workers from dangerous hazards they face while performing duties or treating patients suffering from dangerous viruses. During this pandemic, pharmacy staff is considered front-line workers, and pharmacies are now essential services that should remain open for 24 hours. Due to the most risk faced by front-line workers, the Public Health Agency has prioritized giving access to PPE. CPhA has drafted these suggested PPE best practices from the best available sources; however, pharmacy staff is always encouraged to refer first to their local, provincial, and national public health authorities.

Types Of PPE

There are certainly important parts included in a PPE kit, including face masks, gowns, and gloves. Facial shields are also used to get protection for the eyes.

Face Masks: There are generally three types of face masks.

  • N95 Mask
  • Surgical or Medical Masks
  • Non-surgical masks or facial coverings

Eye Protection: In some situations, eye protection is essential, and face shields can be used for better protection from respiratory droplets from an infected person

Gowns and Gloves: Gloves and gowns are used to protect from infectious droplets coming in contact with their clothes or hands.

When Should PPE Be Used?

PPE is used for infection control and acts as a barrier between infectious material and your skin, nose, or eyes. PPE has the potential to block the transmission of bodily fluids, contaminations from blood, and respiratory secretions. PPE helps protect those at a high risk of contracting infections, such as those with a medical condition. PPE clothing is designed so that it can be removed easily and disposed of immediately after usage.

Where To Buy PPE?

To get maximum protection from infections and viruses, it is essential to wear the right PPE, and it is also vital to know what type of PPE is required for your workplace. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of Personal Protective Equipment, masks, and gloves all over Canada. Contact us for more details.

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