Which Mask Should I Choose For My Children

Which Mask Should I Choose For My Children?

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An important item is added to the school supply list this year, which is a mask. With the rise in delta variant cases, all the schools have made masks mandatory, and doctors recommend that children of age above two years should wear masks indoors also. With a wide range of masks available in the market, it is difficult for parents to choose the best one for their children. Read the article to know which mask should I choose for my children?

Tips For Choosing Mask For Children

Masking your children is important to keep them safe from Corona Virus and keep them comfortable. Here are experts give some advice in choosing a mask for your children’s safety

1. Comfort And Fit

Any mask gives protection only when your child wears it. A mask should be chosen in a way that it covers both mouth, nose, and down to the chin. Experts advise that your children should wear a double or triple cotton-layered mask and do not opt for masks having an exhaust valve. For younger kids, the mask should be comfortable and fit their nose and mouth, or they would not be able to wear it all day. Some masks for children also have adjustable ear loops and adjustable nose pieces, which would be an added advantage for children’s protection.

2. Skip The Neck Gaiters

Kids like to wear gaiters as they are easy to remove, and also they do not have ear loops. Like many other masks, gaiters are cute for your children, but expert pediatricians do not encourage parents to buy gaiters for their children. The main reason for not using gaiters is the masks stretch too much, and also, the material used is porus and could cause allergies in children.

3. Adding Double-masking or Filters

If your child is comfortable with the chosen mask, then it is time to add a filter to give extra protection by adding a filter. In the market, masks are sold with filters, and experts advise inserting a good-quality surgical mask as a filter for a cloth mask. If there is no option to add a filter, double masking would be a great idea. A surgical mask can be covered with a cloth mask to cover gaps and achieve good filtration and fit the face. If your child is not comfortable with a double mask, you could skip it by only using a surgical mask that fits closely to the face.

4. KN95 Masks For Kids

While KN95 masks are available for children, they are unnecessary for children. KN95 masks can be very uncomfortable for children, and KN95 masks work effectively. They have to fit well on the face. A poor-fitting KN95 can give your child a feeling of not being secure from the particles.

5. Always Have a Spare For Your Child

Kids are always messy, and there are more chances that they misplace their masks. It is a good practice to keep an extra mask in their bags or back pockets. If by any chance, one of the masks gets spoiled or wet, then your child can use the spare one.

6. Good Masking Techniques At Home

The parents must teach their children how to properly wear a mask and dispose of it after usage. Not every child knows the proper mask etiquette, so the parent should teach them the behavior and ensure that children properly wear it in public gatherings.


There are a wide range and dizzying variety of masks available in the market, and it might not be easy to choose the right mask for your children and yourself. Surgical and N95 masks are mostly used, but they might not be a good choice for children. While choosing a mask for your children, make sure to follow the above tips and get the best one for your child. If you need a mask, you need to buy them from a reliable supplier. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of quality masks all over Canada. Contact us for more details.

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