Why Do We Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Why Do We Wear Personal Protective Equipment?

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Doctors and nurses risk facing infections and viruses every day, and their safety is the major issue. Each year many accidents occur in the construction field, and also health workers face hazardous situations, which is due to the absence of proper protective equipment. The purpose of PPE is to reduce employees’ exposure to dangerous hazardous situations when the engineering or administrative controls are not feasible to reduce the risks. PPE includes protective helmets, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear, safety harnesses, and, sometimes, respiratory protective equipment. Read on to know why we wear personal protective equipment and how effective they are against risks and infections.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health(NIOSH) describes PPE as an essential technical tool and material that prevent work-related injuries, illness, and death. The significant parts of PPE are

Reasons For Why One Should Wear Personal Protective Equipment

1. Protects Your Safety And Health

PPE kits are always there to protect you from falling, and hard hats help prevent an impact on your head. PPE also helps protect your health, keep dust away from the lungs, and the gloves stop developing dermatitis.

2. Saves Your Skin And Life

PPE kits cover your whole skin and protect you from Red, itchy, painful, blistering skin. The parts of PPE can save your life, and there are many examples of protective equipment save many lives.

3. The Workers Are Liable For Their Mistakes

When accidents happen in the industries, the employees make the management liable for illness or injury caused. As an employee, one should be fully educated on which equipment is required of which tasks and what it is meant to protect. Failure to use PPE can make the worker liable for the mistake made during safety precautions to be followed in the workplace.

4. Increases The Quality Of Work

PPE helps in making the worker feel safer in the workplace and makes them perform better. It may be more physically demanding or slightly more hazardous than your average desk job, but the equipment is provided to make you feel that physical risk is minimal.

5. Resposibility Of Worker

Your employer has the responsibility to provide PPE, and at the same time, you also must wear safety equipment. The employer has no time to check if you have worn the equipment, but you must use the protection provided.

Where To Buy PPE?

Using and wearing PPE is vital to avoid unnecessary injuries in the workplace. Choosing not to wear PPE could be risky for anyone’s life, and as a worker, you should never hesitate to know about the protective equipment provided in your workplace. It is also important to use the right PPE for every situation. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of PPE all over Canada. Contact us for more details.

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