Why Use Different Colored Gloves In The Workplace

Why Use Different Coloured Gloves In The Workplace?

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When coming to the usage of gloves, Nitrile gloves are primarily used and available in a wide range of colours. In most industries, white gloves are preferred by professionals because it is easy to spot any contamination. The colour of the glove depends on the material added while manufacturing, and these gloves react differently to products or processes in which these gloves are used. When a professional is working in a lab, it is beneficial to use a coloured glove to minimize contamination and prevent potential errors. Read on the article to know what colours are available in gloves and why to use different coloured gloves in the workplace.

Why Use Coloured Gloves In Workplace?

The colour coding system is accepted worldwide, and it is easy to ensure that the workers or employers are safe while in the workplace. If the employees are wearing coloured gloves, it can be identified what level of protection is the worker is wearing. If any worker is in danger or trouble, then wearing a red glove can be seen as an indication of danger, and green gloves can be seen as a place of safety.

Some Of The Coloured Gloves

Here are some of the different coloured gloves which can be worn according to the situation. Some of the favourite coloured gloves insisted by most of the industries

1. White Gloves

White Nitrile gloves have a purple grip coating on fingers and palms. Medical practitioners use these gloves to keep their hands safe from contamination and also have superior grip and breathability in hot summers.

2. Blue Coloured Gloves

Blue-coloured gloves are super light and 35% more breathable than normal gloves. The glove colour is between black and light colour and offers superior protection. These gloves are the most preferred ones due to extra comfort levels and also withstand abrasion risks.

3. Black Coloured Gloves

Black Nitrile gloves are a great option if there is a need to contain the heat in summer. A lightweight nylon shell balances the fabric used for black gloves with a single nitrile dip. These gloves can be used at moderate sun temperature, especially to contain heat.

4. Red Coloured Gloves

Red gloves are used for lower cut-risk tasks. Red colour indicates danger, and employees wearing red gloves should always be sure that they are wearing suitable protection equipment because there is always risk involved in most tasks.

5. Amber Coloured Gloves

Amber-coloured gloves are used in medium-risk situations or works. The most common places where amber gloves are used are second-fix construction sites, mechanical trades, electrical trades, and works involving the handling of sharp objects.

6. Gray Coloured Gloves

Gray-coloured gloves are used where there is moderate risk involved in the work. Gray gloves are designed to offer tactile sensitivity and dexterity. The gloves also feature foam which helps in giving excellent grip in wet or dry conditions.

7. Green Coloured Gloves

Green gloves offer superior protection and grip, so they are used in works handling sheet material. These green gloves are used for high-risk tasks, and in most countries, these coloured gloves are considered safe to go in any condition.

Most medical examiners prefer to use two-layered gloves to get extra protection if one layer gets damaged. Dentists prefer to use dark gloves because it is harder to hide stains and blood marks in dark colours. Using dark or coloured gloves in the food industry is also beneficial as it is easy to recognize any damages on the gloves.

Where To Buy Gloves?

Gloves offer superior protection for the employees from contaminations and other dangerous viruses or bacteria. It is also essential to choose the right glove according to the work that you are doing, and coloured gloves are also used in most industries. Protech Safety Supply is the supplier of safety gloves to be used in various industries. Contact us for a free quote.

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